Uczniowie z pasją w Mechaniku – Ernest Fijałkowski

Dodano: 18 stycznia 2018

Poniżej znajduje się tekst naszego ucznia, Ernesta Fijałkowskiego. Tekst jest napisany po angielsku, warto się zapoznać, bo to naprawdę ciekawa historia!

To anyone whom it may concern:

Studying subjects connected with sport and therapy will allow me to help people with the past like mine. I was an overweight 14 year-old teen who was always being made fun of. This became my motivation to start my adventure with sports. All the activities, like powerlifting, lifting weights and working on myself made me write this personal statement. Sport became my passion. Being a sportsman, a coach or a therapist, who helps people suffering from obesity, became my dream. And I would not be myself, if I did not try to make my dreams come true.

I have been interested in sports for 5 years now. When I was in middle school I had excess weight and I became the subject of laughter and humiliation. I made up my mind that I had to do something with my body. That is how my adventure with martial arts and gym began. I had devoted so much time for sports, that it became my passion which I want to study in details. Martial arts, which I had been doing for 2 years, taught me that in a lot of situations being humble is the best thing to do. Working on my body taught me how to be patient and lifting weights taught me that it’s worth training, even if the effects are not instantaneous.

While I was working for student council (in primary school for 3 years in a row, in secondary school for 1 year) and as a class leader in secondary school for 3 years in a row, I discovered my leadership skills, which will surely come in handy when I become a coach. During my work for student council I had to come out in front of an audience a lot of times, which helped me to gain more self-confidence. This skill is the constituent of success in sport.

While I was volunteering in a shelter for homeless animals in Radomsko, I learnt a lot of useful things. Working there taught me empathy and allowed me to make the animals’ lives better. It taught me that even if we are in a good financial situation, we should never forget that somebody may need our help. It is strictly connected to the degree courses, that I am applying for. Becoming a coach will allow me to help people, who do not want to look the way they do. It is also worth mentioning that being a volunteer taught me teamwork, communication skills and made it easier for me to make friends with people like those who worked with me in the shelter.

In 2016 I went to Great Britain in order to work during my summer break. I worked at MeetMeat supermarket near Birmingham. My motivation to do this was to earn some money for myself in order to reduce the amount of money my parents spend on me. It was then, that I made up my mind that I have to study in Britain. I have made a research about courses and universities and I have fallen in love with the British education system. Developing practical skills is the most important thing for me. Universities are connected with thousands of companies, not only locally but internationally too. During my stay there, I really increased the level of my English skills, due to constant contact with native speakers. I am sure that it will really help me with my studies. This way, I also learnt the responsibility needed to work as a coach.

I am really eager to help people in the field of sports. I adapt to new situations really quickly, so moving to Great Britain to take up studies would not be a problem for me. I think that taking up studies in Britain will be a great challenge for me, but I am also confident that I can cope with living in a new environment. I would really like to be involved in student’s life, to get to know new people, but most importantly, to study the subject that I particularly enjoy. That is why I think I am the right person to study sports.

Ernest Fijałkowski
uczeń klasy III lma
(III Liceum Ogólnokształcące, profil mundurowy)

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